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Women's best menopause age

How often does a woman go through menopause? A high risk of death before this age

Menopause is a watershed in the life of women, meaning that women have entered another life stage. Menopause refers to the women to a certain age, menstrual blood month after month began to gradually reduce, or intermittent amenorrhea, or even completely amenorrhea phenomenon. There is also an optimal age for women to have menopause, and there is a certain risk if menopause precedes this age.

Women's best menopause age

According to the survey data show that the best women's menopause age is 50-54 years old. Into the 50-year-old woman, has reached the stage of knowing the destiny, and, after experiencing menopause, mentality and mood are more stable, will be more likely to accept their own old, or even menopause facts. However, if a woman begins amenorrhea 40 years ago, the risk of premature death is 90% higher than that of women 50-54 years of age who are menopausal and the risk of premature death in women 40-44 is higher than in women 50-54 years of age Sixty percent of men and women aged 45-49 are 40% more likely to be women than men, 50-54 years of age.

Therefore, premature menopause is a high risk for women, women should prevent premature menopause it?

How to prevent premature menopause?

1, protect the ovary. Most women premature menopause due to premature ovarian failure, the female ovary has two important functions, one is to produce eggs, the second is the synthesis and secretion of steroid hormones. Premature ovarian failure, can cause female endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, osteoporosis, and even trigger menopause, cardiovascular disease and so on. Therefore, women should take good care of their ovaries. Do not over-exertion, do not stay up late, while banning alcohol and tobacco, do not be overweight or too thin.

2, run a good family, handle the relationship between husband and wife. A harmonious and harmonious family life is a young woman keeping young tips. The harmonious relationship between husband and wife means that the sexual life is harmonious and happier. At the same time, there are not many disputes and quarrels in life. Women feel relaxed and naturally ill. Jiaohao. Conversely, if the quarrel with her husband lead to poor mood throughout the day, the family discord, a woman is also difficult to maintain a healthy body and mentality, naturally easy to get sick, but also easily lead to menopause.

3, short stature, light weight, malnourished women than healthy, well-nourished women earlier menopause, therefore, women of the same age should be in the diet to their own nursed back to health, meat and vegetables have to eat, all kinds of nutrition should be balanced intake Conditions of women may be appropriate to eat gum, bird's nest and other nourishing things.

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